Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a broad term that means interventions designed to help family members get along constructively and happily. It includes interventions intended to help foster parent-child relationships as well as relationships among siblings, and relationships among adult household members. I focus particularly on therapies for parents and their children, and couples therapy.

1. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is a specialized treatment that focuses on helping parents develop skills that strengthen and deepen their relationships with their children, facilitate compliance using non-punitive measures, and use of effective disciplinary strategies.

An important hallmark of PCIT is its reliance on direct coaching of parent behavior. The parent and child play and work together while the therapist observes through a one-way mirror. The therapist coaches and communicates with the parent using a microphone and headset.


The efficacy of PCIT has been thoroughly evaluated and supported through scientific research. It is available for families with children who are 7-years old or younger. I have been formally trained in PCIT, and am in the process of receiving certification in this set of procedures. PCIT has been a centerpiece of my practice since September 2015. More information about PCIT can be found at and

2. Child and Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE)

CARE is a program of skills-training designed to help adults enhance their relationships and patterns of interaction with children and adolescents under their care. I have been formally trained and certified in CARE procedures.

3. Positive Parenting Program (PPP, Also Known as Triple-P)

The Positive Parenting Program is an evidence-based parent training program designed to give parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior and prevent problem behavior from developing. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated with many cultures, socioeconomic groups, and family structures. I have been formally trained and certified in the use of Triple-P procedures. More information about the Triple-P Program can be found at